New Year of Craziness

by Nicci on 03/01/2008

So, I did not keep my promise of blogging everyday…I haven’t been on here since I made this little blog. I do get side tracked or bored easily. lol. Anyways, Here I go again with the blogging…

So, this year has been crazy already. It started off with a terrible New Years Eve because a friend invited some drunk people to our party and we learned they were underage and we had to call 911 on them due to alcohol poisoning. I was highly upset that these strangers showed up, they came drunk to our party so we were not responsible for their drinking. Then I had a great job that started back in October 2007, it was a temp to permanent that went south. Due to my Supv resigning and no need of an HR Admin. Assistant. So, I started Substitute teaching which paid bills but I wanted another office job. Right then I was blessed with a new job offer. I had given up on, when someone called and said they saw my resume online. I was offered a job at Sally Beauty at the Corporate office in the Payroll Dept. Yes, I finally had an office job Mon-Fridays. I just finished training last week and I do enjoy what I do. Chris and I are doing great, Its been over 2 years now and were very excited to be getting a place together this summer. I cant wait to decorate and do all that fun stuff in a new apt. The first Month of 2008 was a downer but it came around. Luckily everything got better in Feb: New Job,Great Birthday and Reconnecting with old friends. Most of all I believe it is all because I trusted in God. I have made a commitment to attend Church on a weekly basis and to rededicate my life to Christ. I had strayed for a good year and I believe God was trying to tell me something. Whenever I lose sight of him…things seems to take a wrong turn. Thats just my experience in the past. Im reconnecting and working on my personal relationship with him and Im realizing how much I missed having that w/ him. With that said I’ll be blogging on a regular basis, if i can remember my password…haha.

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