Mango Lovin Tuesday

by Nicci on 05/26/2009

TJ’s Mango Black Tea…is perfect drink to start out the day!

I really wish we had a Trader Joe’s here in Tx that would be HEAVEN. That’s why I savor every drop and really enjoy it. Tuesdays breakfast was the same as Mondays, so I’ll spare you the pics of a Green Monster & a breakfast hot pocket :)

I made a turkey burger the night before to take to work and I devoured that with a smile, along with some bugles (which i found too salty) & some fresh baby carrots.

Yummy…Ground turkey,and a variety of spices for flavor.

Plump tomato & spinach on whole wheat bread!

Followed by a great pasta & turkey dish I was inspired to make from Caitlin at Healthy tipping point. My version of course was for serving 3 people!

  • macaroni noodles ( ran out of whole wheat pasta)
  • ground lean turkey
  • spinach
  • bell peppers
  • chikpeas
  • shredded cheese

Brown sugar carrots & more Mango Tea…Delicious!!

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