Getting My Austin Greek On

by Nicci on 09/13/2010

I’m in the great City of Austin for a HUD training this week until Friday.

My goal this week is to study after classes, but also fit in some fun and check out the city.



Felt like a dream rolling out of bed for a 5:30am treadmill run.

That was a first in a loooong time to be up that early!

Work out

Big FAIL forgetting to pack my earphones so I watched TV and busted out 3 miles on the treadmill.

Hotel Fitness Center

Back in my room, I pulled out my Yoga mat for AB exercises.Yoga Mat

The tummy started to rumbled so I made my way to the hotel breakfast bar.

Avoided the good looking doughnuts….boooo LOL

Picked up a strawberry yogurt & banana.

Yogurt n fruit

Then came the no flavor eggs and a good half of a bagel with PB & honey.


Greek for Lunch!!

Met a nice lady in class who suggested Greek; so my coworkers and I followed her to ”Austin Greek Deli”, a tiny Mom & Pop deli!

So my coworkers have never eaten Greek but they were daring & adventurous today.

Usually, they are very,very, picky eaters. Shocked they even said YES!



Austin Greek

HUGE Gyro filled with greens with seasoned fries on the side.


Greek Salad :)

Greek salad

The service was fast and the food was the BOMBdelicious!  Thanks to Cathy, the lady we met in class. 

She definitely knew her Greek food ;)

What’s a new City you visited lately? Did you try any new foods or restaurants?

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