Ode to Halloween

by Nicci on 10/17/2010

Happy Monday!

I’m still trying to figure out what ever became of the weekend.  Being off on Monday only made the week seem slower and then the weekend….VANISHED before my eyes. Actually the whole month of October is flying by.

One of my favorite Fall activities is dressing up for Halloween.  What girl does not like to dress up?

Thought I’d share some pictures of the costumes I’ve worn over the years. 

I went as a Sassy Devil at a friends party in 2005.

halloween 2005

2006 I decided to save lives, but instead I caused a few heart attacks. Winking smile

Thank goodness for a Sexy Doctor!

Halloween 2006

Then in 2007 I borrowed some of  Britney Spears’ wardrobe to attend the Oaklawn Block party. School girls were popular that year too.

(I don’t know why I’m posing like that)

Halloween 2007

I can’t even remember 2008; apparently it wasn’t a good party because I can’t find any pictures from that year…How sad.

Pirates were still cool in 2009 and this is still my favorite costume today. I even thought about a repeat, but that would be lame since were having a party again.

Halloween 09

One thing I continuously do is purchase a costume then change my mind. I’m still not sure if I like my choice for this year.  The shoes are what I love about the outfit even though I would never wear them again.

Decisions to be made….while only having 2 weekends to decide if I’ll get a second costume.

Knowing how to shop & wear to shop makes buying a second costume inexpensive.

What fun costume will you be rocking this year?


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Happy Halloween & Happy November

by Nicci on 11/01/2009

Our first Halloween party was a big success.  We had about 16 friends come out to party. Our apartment looked awesome with strobe lights, black lights (makes spider web look so cool) and all the decorations!

Nicci the Sexy Pirate & Chris the H1N1 Fairy

nicoles pics 030

A sexy Cowgirl & her Pirate Mate

nicoles pics 032

Fire fighter and Vampire

nicoles pics 029

Mean Pirates Unite

nicoles pics 033

Cupcakes, cookies, chips & queso, popcorn, beer pong , movies and music….What a great night!  I think I’m the only one who ate some of the fruit bowl.

Close friends brought sleeping bags and camped out, in our living room and guest room :)

This morning I treated myself to a big breakfast, on the beer pong table. :-)

nicoles pics 040

After a month of being a vegetarian I’ve decided to go semi-veg.  Reason for the sausage patties above with my breakfast.  I couldn’t resist the maple sausage and I have no regrets eating it.


nicoles pics 034

I’m participating in POTM (Pile on the Miles) so I’m off to go for a short walk/run followed by some cleaning.  Being the ”Neat Freak” that I am, I always clean as I party (if hosting)…picking up trash, empty beer bottles etc.

Now, I’m spending my Sunday relaxing & cooking dinner for Chris and I.  I had no ” trick or treaters” so I’m taking this candy back to work b/c November is a new month and no candy needed in this house. :)

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