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Do I Run to Eat More?

by Nicci on 11/18/2009

Warning: Don’t try this method


Just a cute funny…

Do I run to eat more? Uhmmm, No I do not.  ANNOYED!!

A co-worker actually asked me this earlier during the week. Yes, I do love food…I’m a foodie, but I do not run/workout so that I can stuff my face. I work out to relieve stress, gain energy and I love how I my body feels after a good sweat session.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m involved in POTM (Pile on the Miles) to help me with weight control, during this Holiday Season but the #1 reason is help with my 5k training! Winter weather can make Nicci, a very lazy or productive girl. I love how the blogging community is coming together and fitness challenges are popping up everywhere.

I have many parties, weddings and pot lucks to attend, these last 2 months of the year.  Here is a list of simple things I’m doing to survive.

Holiday Eating Extravaganza Survival Tips

  1. Eating  a light snack before heading to a party
  2. Choose healthy options- fruits and veggie trays
  3. Portion control
  4. More exercise than indulging
  5. Eating only one roll….Uhmmmm
  6. Limiting my alcoholic beverage consumption to two drinks

(I just started laughing at myself for the last two above) :-)

Just remember to have a good time and don’t over stuff the belly. This Season only comes once a year!!

What tips might you suggest?

What challenges are you involved in?

Anyone not worried about this Holiday Season?

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