Sweet Sunday

by Nicci on 02/08/2009

Being the dork I am, lol I spent the day torturing the BF by watching the first two High School Musicals. I don’t think he enjoyed it as much as I did! While texting my friend Jess during the movies; we decided someone should come out with a High School Musical Cardio Dvd. All the ENERGY and DANCES they do would be a fun workout! I’m sure we would sweat a lot while learning some cool moves! lol

I’m still sick right and I did not feel like getting up early to workout, but its almost time for an evening one…seriously I must do it. Lora at honeynutlo.com suggested Emergen-C and I’m buying some tonight! ASAP.

POTATOES GALORE! I couldn’t decide what kind of potatoes to eat for lunch, so I had both:
Sweet potato and a regular red one, which the red potatoes had cheese and bacon on them; along with baked chicken. I packed it TO-GO since I was spending the day at the bfs apt. No pics for dinner seeing as I will be having the same delicious meal again.

Snack: Strawberries and Fage!

Exercise: 30 minute Shred w/ Jillian

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