Sunny Sunday

by Nicci on 11/16/2008

Today was a great Sunday to workout. I was very motivated from this fitness podcast I had watched the night before; I was pumped up and ready to go. Its call brides made fit but its not just for brides to be, its for everyone. I did some stomach work and also some upper body too. I’ve been slacking on running everyday, but I’m starting that up again tomorrow. My one weakness right now is lunch time at work. We love to ea at my job and I’m struggling with saying ”no” to eating out. I need to start bringing my lunch or making better choices. I think I will focus on bringing my lunch and eating more salads! Hopefully tomorrow will be a great day. Chris and I are going running when i get off of work.

Ill be fixing my camera, so that i can take pics of what I’m eating on a daily basis!

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