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by Nicci on 06/19/2009

I’m so excited at the chance to attend the healthy living summit put on by some fellow amazing bloggers! I’ve never been to Boston, I’m praying I can make it! Time to save money for this weekend trip…which the bf is up, for so he can go to a baseball game. lol

Breakfast: A nice sports bottle of Tj’s Mango Blk Tea
I’m absolutely in love with this tea. I must find some other brand in Texas that is similar to Tj’s. So far, nothing can compare to Trader Joes! I was tempted by doughnuts today at work by a coworker, but honestly they are too sweet for me. I’ve realized after I started cutting back on sweets and junk food, I don’t have the desire to devour them. haha

Lunch time wasn’t all that exciting….

I was on a lunch budget so I bought some off brand low fat yogurt and sparkling H20…but boy…they were still good!

Lunch: Spinach/Chicken/Artichoke Lean Pocket
This was by far the best Lean Pocket I have ever eaten too. I’ll be buyign this one again for next weeks lunch box. I had a carb loader Yogurt Kroger brand and a cranberry-raspberry sparkling water.

It’s Friday...Off day, so I’ll be sweating it out on Sat. & Sunday

Night time magazines I picked up tonight!

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