Wednesday Fitspiration

by Nicci on 06/22/2011

Aiming High…


Favorite motivational saying from trainer…


Keep grooving…




Always Sunny with Bloggers in Philly

by Nicci on 06/07/2011

I’m very excited for the Third Annual Healthy Living Summit being held in Philadelphia this year!

My first trip to Philadelphia, any suggestions on great places to visit?

For those of you wondering, this Summit is for bloggers and non-bloggers who are living/seeking a balanced lifestyle.

I rushed home, from my Monday workout, to purchase a ticket!


Last year the Summit was held in Chicago….what a blast and learning experience.


I enjoyed making connections with bloggers all over the globe!


It’s about community and encouraging each other to live a healthy lifestyle.

IMG_0405 htp

Meeting people who are passionate about the same interests.


If you are attending the Summit….Let’s Connect!

Take a PEAK at last years Healthy Living Summit…



Active Memorial Day Weekend

by Nicci on 05/31/2011

Guess whose in Texas for the whoooole week?  THENHEATHERSAID!

Heather (far right), Lauren (middle) and I got together for the Stonebridge Memorial Day Races (5k)!


Wednesday night,  there will be a nice size blogger dinner with some more awesome ladies!

Body Confidence: I bought a two piece bathing suit this weekend to go swimming with friends (Sunday & Monday), to beat the Texas heat.  For the first time, in years I had little frustration finding a suit and kept all negative thoughts, out of my head….that’s one Summer goal complete!

Other Happenings: The past month has been crazy for me. I was offered a new position at work. Go ME!  I am now a Case Specialist and I have one job, not twoHALLELUJAH.  Now, I’m about to train a coworker for my old positions and continue training for the new one, and were on a short time schedule….crazy.

I’m also excited to see what the month of June will bring!

How do you stay active over a holiday?



Fitness Confessions

by Nicci on 05/17/2011

  • Sometimes I do not want to workout
  • Sometimes I make ‘’lame’’ excuses
  • Sometimes I’d rather watch TV
  • Sometimes I hate the slow weight loss progress
  • Sometimes I cheat at my workouts: not completing sets or pausing my dvd player for many, many minutes.
  • Sometimes I’m just HUMAN

Then I remember I have my workout buddies that make exercise fun, during the those ‘’lazy, I do not want to do anything today’’ times. Plus, motivating tweets from healthy living blends.

As I’ve said in the past, my coworkers are awesome! 


It pays to have someone around 40 hours a week, helping keep you accountable.  We eat 2 out of 3 meals together and workout 5x/week.  I also can not forget my awesome trainer.

Today I went back to a ‘’live’’ Zumba class with the girls!  I was gifted Zumba Kinect for Christmas, and although I love the game….it still can not compare to the energy of a live class.


Check out this new video featuring Zumba instructors from a past conference.



Confession: I’ve watched this video 10x tonight while doing the dance! Winking smile

Do you have someone inspiring and motivating your fitness journey? Any fitness confessions?